Top Three Baby Proofing Supplies

If you could only purchase three baby proofing supplies what would they be? The answer might surprise you.

Parents who know would choose safety gates, baby monitors and fire detectors. Safety gates can be used to accommodate a malady of situations in your home and are easy to install and easier to move around the home.

Just remember that an installed gate is the only kind to be used at the top of stairs. A baby monitor is by far one of the most valuable baby proofing supplies a parent can own. Not only does it give you an extra set of eyes and ears but it also enables you to move around your home while baby is sleeping without worrying about checking on theme very five seconds.

Baby monitors come in a large price range and you are certain to be able to find one that you can afford. The last but not least parents also need child proofing supplies like the smoke or fire detector in your home. IN the event of a fire, your entire family could be at risk and the only way to alert you is a working and well maintained fire detector. Make sure that you put one on every level of your home and in places where people sleep.

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