Tricks Baby Hearth proofing

Baby hearth proofing refers to that area around your fire place that literally gives you chills every time you see your child approach it. The hearth is dangerous, usually made of stone or rock and can offer plenty of danger whether a fire is lit or not.

So what can you do to protect such a large and decorative area in your home? Luckily, there are many hearth covers that can be custom made or bought in standard sizes that can cover the sharp corners and rough edges of the hearth. This helps it to become less of a toe jamming obstacle so that you can enjoy it again. Many of the baby proofing hearth measures cover the entire space of the hearth making it a soft place – however children should still be advised to stay away.

Baby Hearth Proofing Basics

When you purchase a child proof product don’t automatically assume that it is fire proof. Sure, it would make sense if it was, but often the products are not coded to withstand sparks and flames from fires. Another point is that the fire equipment you have near you fireplace can be very danger. Not only can it get very hot, but it is also very dangerous. Make sure that you use an approved fire place screen on your hearth as well and stay away from ones that are decorated with too much paint.

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