A Baby-Proofing Checklist for Your Home

The moment your baby begins toddling around the house, consider it to be a defining moment. Your responsibilities have just grown multifold. Once your child starts walking and talking, it is sure to lay its hands on anything it can reach. Every little thing around him will trigger his curiosity. There is nothing that the child does not touch, feel, taste, explore. He begins pushing, pulling, dropping, poking, breaking and tearing anything he can get hold of.

Ensuring his safety is no mean task. Depending on the activity of your child, and the number of hazards in your house, baby-proofing can grow to be a critical and exacting challenge. What follows below is a list, far from exhaustive though it is, that can help you identify safety measures to implement in your home. These are a few obvious pointers that go a long way in minimizing dangers, but you will need to add to and expand the list as you go along.

Dangling strings and cords – Strings of blinds, electrical cords and other dangling wires are natural attractions for your toddler. If he can reach it, he will tug on it. The risks of electrocution or strangulation should not be taken lightly.

The trash can needs to be secured – Trash cans are usually filled with discarded clips, glass pieces, pins, fused bulbs and other such material that can pose hazards to small children. Worse, the possibility of your little kid fishing out something from the trash is usually the last thing that occurs to you when you’re disposing of something in a hurry.

Electrical Power Outlets – Power outlets are one of the most serious hazards. Open gaping holes are another great attraction to children, and they tend to stick whatever they can into them. A live wire or outlet is a huge baby proofing hazard can be deadly. Use high quality plastic stubs or rubber stubs to cover the outlets, but ensure that they can’t be easily pulled out. If they are easily removable, these stubs themselves pose the risk of choking your child if swallowed.

Medicines & Chemicals – Make sure you put away capsules, tablets, acids, pesticides, chemicals and other toxic home materials in cabinets at a height, or in locked drawers. It is dangerous to leave your child unattended with even seemingly innocuous things such as nail polishes or make up items.

Coins, fasteners, etc – Keep your child’s play area baby proofed – clear of coins, buttons, fasteners, pins, cigarette lighters and other sundry things that you know your child will fiddle with. You will need to rush your child to the doctor in case he swallows something. Prevention is always better than cure.

Sharp Edges – Locate sharp objects, jagged edges and other pointed objects around the house, including our fixtures and furniture at your child’s height. Cushion these sharp edges or corners with soft bumpers and corner-protectors.

Safety Gates / Doorknob Covers – Install doorknob covers and baby safety gates to control access to certain parts of the house. You surely don’t want your toddler to explore the swimming pool all by himself.

There are many other child proofing aspects you’d want to look into such as ensuring that shelves and racks do not fall, or preventing your child from rolling down the stairs. There can be no really comprehensive list. It takes all of your attention and care to make sure that your house is a safe haven for your loved ones.

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