Basic Childproofing Advice For the Worried Parent

It is imperative that you provide a safe environment to your child. Child proofing your house needs you to bring down to the level of a crawling baby to assess the areas and substances from which he needs to be protected. Once you do that you will find that your house is full of potential dangers.

Child Proofing Furniture

– You may have bumped into the coffee table more often than you like to. It may be a minor matter of a knee bruise for you but it can cause a serious head injury. Add childproofing guards or bumpers to all sharp corners to tables, cabinets and other furniture in the house. These will go a long way to soften bumps and falls.

– Appliances on table tops and counters also pose a potential danger for the child as they can fall and cause injury to the child. Ensure that these are firmly child proofed and secured so that no electric cords are left hanging for the child to pull.

Keep Potentially Dangerous Stuff out of Reach

Cleaning supplies, medicines and other toxins should be kept out of reach of your baby. What you can do is to install child proofing locks and latches on all cabinets that are within the reach of a crawling baby or a small child who has learned to stand. At the same time give the baby his own space to play. Designate a low cabinet where you can put his toys.

Electric Outlets

A baby is likely to put his finger into electric outlets, which are normally located at eye level of a crawling baby. Child proofing electric outlets is easy as you can get outlet covers that fit over them and are difficult for the child to pull. Still, ensure that you buy covers that are large enough so that the baby does not choke on them.

Childproofing the Stairways

Stairways are potentially hazardous for babies and toddlers alike. Gates that are mounted on walls with the aids of screws are sturdy and ensure that that they do not give way when the child applies pressure by leaning on them. For the bottom of stairs you may consider installing child proofed pressure gates that expand to fit in openings.

Windows Safety

Most parents and care givers ignore child proofing windows. Window screens are designed to allow air flow and not for preventing babies from falling. An open window is a veritable hazard and you should have safety nets or guards in place for preventing an emergency to occur.

Protect Your Child from Water

Childproofing the bathroom is a critical element of every home child proofing campaign A baby can drown in less than two inch deep water. Also, water above 120 degree Fahrenheit can cause severe burns to a baby’s delicate skin. Install toilet locks and a temperature gauge to protect your child from serious injury.

These are important precautions that you should take while child proofing your home but remember that child proofing is an ever evolving activity. There may be changes that you may have to make as our child grows up.

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