Comparing Digital and Analong Baby Safety Monitors

A baby monitor is a device that can give a fair amount of relaxation to parents. It is something that can allow you to relax a while and not get up after every minute just because you heard a sound that seemed like your child falling or crying or bumping into something.

Baby monitors are genuinely a parent’s best friend because they provide an extra pair of eyes and ears for the generally tense parent. Baby monitors were analog in nature earlier and used a system that had a transmitter and a receiver. With the advancement in technology, baby monitors have also become digital. There are various pro and cons of each kind of baby monitor. Let us review each kind and see what the advantages and disadvantages are.

Advantages of Digital Baby Monitors over Analog Baby Monitors
1. Digital baby monitors are manufactured using the latest technology and these are far more sophisticated as compared to analog devices. The sound quality of the audio digital baby monitors is far clearer and the picture is sharper when you use digital baby monitors. The precision with which digital baby monitors pick up sounds is also superior in nature.

2. Analog digital monitors are devices that run on specific frequencies. Even if you set a frequency, there is every chance that some other people may be able to hear what you are saying to your child in the case of two-way analog baby monitors.

3. Digital baby monitors also have a larger range as compared to analog baby safety monitors. This means that if you choose to use digital baby monitors, you can be sure that you will be able to hear your baby cry even if you are in the furthest corner of the house.

Disadvantages of Digital Baby Monitors over Analog Baby Monitors
1. While digital monitors are generally better off than the old analog ones, they also have some disadvantages. Some people are concerned about the risk that these digital baby monitors put on their babies and toddlers since they use electromagnetic rays. While there is nothing that is proven about these rays, people feel that it is far more prudent to be safe than sorry.

2. As is in the case of all latest technology products that you may purchase, digital baby monitors are more expensive as compared to analog baby monitors. The advanced products use the latest technology and the cost of the research and development needs to be extricated. The costs of this product may come down over time but that is not the case at the moment. The parts that go into digital baby monitors are also expensive.

So while there is no doubt that the advantages of digital video baby monitors far outweighs the disadvantages, the fact is that you should be willing to pay more for this latest innovation that helps you take proper care of your child. And the fact is that the money that you spend is worth every penny since you know that your child is safe and sound.

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