Two Way Baby Monitor for Better Bonding

Two-way baby monitors are a recent development in the parenting products industry. These have been developed keeping in mind the constant need that parents have to rush to the nursery when the baby makes a slight noise so that they can calm the baby back to sleep.

There are times when the baby gets startled while sleeping during the day with some loud noise and may stir in sleep. If you want the baby to stay asleep for some more time and catch up on the much required sleep then you may have to rush up to the nursery and soothe your baby till he goes back to sleep again.

Two-Way Baby Monitors
Two-way baby monitors are devices that work like a walkie-talkie but the control of changing the setting from a receiver to a transmitter lie in the hands of the parent. These baby monitors allow the parents to talk to the baby by pushing a button on what is traditionally known as the receiver.

Why should you choose a Two-Way Baby Monitor?
There are various reasons why two-way video baby monitors were developed and some of the reasons why many parents have taken to two-way baby monitors are listed here for your consideration.

– You can utilize your time in a much more structured and efficient manner. This is mainly because with a 2way baby safety monitor you do not have to necessarily rush up to the nursery every time there is a slight noise. If you know that the noise is just the stirring of your baby, you can calm the baby and complete what you have on your hands without having to leave everything and run.

This means that you can take a few minutes to complete what you are doing and then go to your baby to check on him. This is also a good thing because the baby learns to understand in a very subtle way that he has to wait for his turn too.

– Some parents use 2 baby monitors in an extremely innovative manner. They sing lullabies and tell stories as they prepare dinner or lie and relax in bed for some time. The fact that you can communicate with your baby while you complete some household chores or while you relax makes parenting much easier than it otherwise can prove to be.

– Babies do not understand this technology and when they hear their mother’s voice they feel assured that she is somewhere close by. The feeling that mom is somewhere close by can help in calming the baby to a large extent.
– Children with separation anxiety may benefit a lot from this new innovative device as they tend to get extremely upset when no one is around. As you wean away the baby, using a baby safety monitor as a stepping stone can help in a significant way.

The benefits of using 2 way  monitors are obvious. However, this does not mean that you visit the nursery only when you have to feed, bathe or change your baby. Physical touch is an important aspect of the parent child bond and you should make sure that you hold your baby and talk to them as often as you can.

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