A Quick & Smart Way to Have a Child Proof Lock Everywhere You Go

Off to Grandma’s house for a vacation? Worried about all the trouble that your children will cause rummaging through her priceless porcelain antiques? Concerned that her medication bottles will quickly be turned into rattles? There is a quick and easy way to use a makeshift child proof lock everywhere you go.

It’s cheap, inexpensive and won’t leave holes in someone else’s house. Best part- you can use them at vacation homes, hotels or anywhere you go with your children. Duct Tape & Pipe Cleaners! Use Duct Tape and pipe cleaners to secure doors, cabinets or any other area that you want to create a temporary barrier!

The One Child Proof Lock No Parent Must Go Without

How many times do you have to find your little angel playing in the toilet before you realize the dangers? Not only can they flush things down it, many children every year fall head first into the toilet and drown. A toilet lid lock can make this a non-issue! They are inexpensive and easy to install and do not inhibit the normal workings of the toilet.

Best part is you will never wonder if it was your priceless wedding ring your child just flushed or be forced to call a plumber! But the best part is that you won’t have to worry about your child becoming one of the thousands of drowning statistics each year!

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