Child Proofing Doors to the Pool Can Save the Life of a Child

If you have a pool, you need t consider child proofing doors in your home. This calls for some heavy duty measures, because one inadvertent wandering poolside can cause a child to drown. Similar to home alarms, pool alarms can be installed on all regular or sliding glass doors that lead to the exterior of the home.

As long as the alarm is armed, it will alert as soon as the latches on the doors are breached. The only problem with these is that many parents forget to arm the alarm, or leave them inactive accidentally. The majority of kids who drown; drowning their own home where adults are present! Taking care of the doors is just the first step.

Twice is better When it Comes to Child Proofing Doors

If you have installed alarms on the doors leading to the pool, it may be wise to take an additional measure as well. Using safety knobs that may the handles difficult or impossible to turn can serve as another safeguard. If you are at a hotel or visiting someone who has a pool, take along pipe cleaners and t duct tape so you can rig up the doors handles so a child can not use them. This is a good way to ensure that the only time a door is opened; an adult is the one doing it.


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