Child Proofing Guide For The Busy Mom

Every parent owes it to their child to safety proof their home as much as possible. This doesn’t mean that we have to walk around paranoid and afraid for our children to explore; but rather that we should make our homes a safe haven where play can continue uninhibited. Children of all ages are naturally curious and will love to explore anything that looks tantalizing. This can get them into a lot of trouble. The good news is that the basics to child proofing are not that difficult.

Parents Quickly Develop The Sensation To See Danger Before It Becomes A Child Proofing Hazard

As your child grows everything from the household plants will begin to take on a new look. One of the easiest ideas is to put things that children shouldn’t play with up and out of sight. This will keep you from having to say no all the time and prevent a great many broken items and bumps and bruises as well.

Child Proofing with the Attitude of Safety, not Confinement

Exploration is normal! You don’t have to feel bad about making your home safe. Some things are just not suitable for toddlers or children and by keeping the off limits your home life will be much less stressful! Safeguarding your child and maintaining constant and competent supervision is your responsibility.

By Following This Basic Childproofing Checklist the Guesswork of What to do Will be Removed :

  1. Use safety gates around stairways and doorways to hinder roaming
  2. Windows need to be looked at as hazards, don’t put furniture in front of them and install window guards
  3. Anything that can be used t ‘pull up’ on should be secured to a wall to prevent tipping
  4. Fragile things should really be boxed up until your kids are older, if not at least store them up and out of sight
  5. Imagine your child’s small fingers and remove pinching hazards on toy boxes, cabinets, chests, drawers etc
  6. The stove and cooking areas cant be removed, but early on make kids aware of the dangers
  7. Routinely turn pot handles and try not to cook with kids under foot – When possible use the back burners
  8. Fire extinguishers are a MUST in the entire home. Keep up maintenance!
  9. Lighters and matches cause many household fires, remove the temptation
  10. If you have a fireplace, use a glass door or screen to prevent burns
  11. Cover all electrical outlets in the home and hide power and electrical cables so that they can accidentally be pulled, chewed or used to pull down lamps or appliances
  12. Any window coverings with strings need to be out of reach or used with looped cords or special products designed to remove the hazards
  13. Just about everything will make its way into your child’s mouth. Keep purses and other small items out of reach and off the floor. Never leave a child along with a hand bag.
  14. Plastic bags routinely cause suffocation. Throw them out or store them safely
  15. Never leave a child unattended! Your supervision is always the best safety device

You are your child’s best protection!

Remember that even a home fully childproofed with latest and greatest safety products is still not safe unless adult supervision is always offered. Kids need to be watched constantly to avoid danger. Make things a bit easier by using safety products but never rely on them completely. You are your child’s best protection!

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