Child Proofing the Bathroom Made Easy!

The bathroom is a dangerous room yet most children find it exciting. This is one room that should never be looked over when you are childproofing the home. Make sure that all the outlets are GFCI. This means that they will cut off if a hairdryer is accidentally dropped in water. You can install them your self or hire a contractor to do it.

Water heaters should be at or below 120 degrees to ensure that the bath water is never too hot. Be forewarned that tub faucets that are metal conduct heat and can get warm enough o burn a small hand. Cover them with cushioned covers to protect from heat and injuries during a slip or fall.

What it takes to Thoroughly Finish Child Proofing the Bathroom

You should also remove cleaning products, cosmetics and shavers and washing items from the tub when not in use. Medications should be kept elsewhere and even so the medicine cabinet should be properly secured with a lock. Another item that needs a lock is the toilet! Make sure that the bath tub is always emptied out after use and never leave a bucket or container of water standing unattended in the bathroom.

All of these can present drowning hazard! Use non slip rugs and adhesives and whenever you are in the bathroom with children who are in the tub; bring the phone with you so you won’t be tempted to leave them alone. When not in use, a high outside door latch may keep them from playing in the bathroom!

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