Child Proofing the House Can Be Easy as 1, 2, and 3!

Are you looking for a quick and simple way to improve the safety of your home without spending a fortune or investing a lot of time? Child proofing the home can be done quickly and easily. It is best to start with your child’s room, making sure that the bedding, windows, doors and toys are all certified safe! You should also be following the recommended guidelines by using an appropriate child safety seat in the car.

Once you have those two areas covered, the next step is to cruise around your home looking for all the things that “could” happen. Imagine everything you see, being touched, climbed upon or put into your child’s mouth. As you see the potential, you will be on your way to taking care of all those hidden dangers that hide around the house!

The First Products You Should Buy When Child Proofing the House!

This is a short list of the top ten items you should purchase for your home; right away! All of them can be easily installed by you and will increase the safety of your child tenfold. Electrical covers, cord wranglers for draperies and blinds, hardware mounted safety gates for stairs and pressure mounted gates for other areas, cabinet locks for the kitchen, bathroom and drawer locks for all the dressers in your home.

You should purchase a hot water regulator to ensure that the water never is hot, non-slip floor coverings for the bathroom and a toilet seat lid lock. Once you have those items the next thing to look into are door knob covers and window guards. Oops, that’s 11! But this will have you off to a great start.

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