Helpful Tips for Childproofing Your House

Everyone wants their child or toddler to be safe while at home but we often think of childproofing after it is too late. It only takes about one day to completely childproof your home if you really put your mind to it. Go to the hardware store or a baby store to find baby proofing items.

There are a lot to choose from and you don’t need to buy everything in the store. Not everything needs childproofing and it depends on your child and on your ability to watch your child at all times.

There is a lot of common sense when it comes to childproofing your home. Keep small things and breakable things out of the child’s way. If you can’t keep them up, use child safety latches to protect items from the baby’s reach. You need to know that some kids are just more naturally curious than other kids so you’ll need to know what your child is capable of doing.

Some childproofing tips

Keep toxic items up and away from baby. This includes medications, cleaners and other household products and sprays. It isn’t enough to put them under the sink even with a latch. Hide them up high or in the garage so that the child can’t even touch them. Don’t count on child resistant packaging as babies can get into these things just as easily as an adult.

Childproofing The Stairs

Babies can easily fall down stairs. This is where Baby safety gates come into play. Use hardware-mounted gates to put on the stairwells and avoid pressure mounted gates. Pressure gates can be bypassed if a child puts too much of their weight on them and they aren’t safe for stairs. Either way, keep an eye on your child around stairwells.

Window Safety

Lock all windows and purchase window guards that protect your child from opening the window beyond four inches. Screens are not safe protectors of the baby and can give way if a child puts its weight on the screen. Put up all cords on window blinds and draperies. Keep baby furniture far away from windows and blinds.

Cupboards, Drawers and Outlets

They make child safety latches for drawers and cabinets that keep the baby from getting inside them. You can use an outlet plug or a switch plate that has an outlet slider to protect your baby from an electrocution injury. Find the right product for you cabinets and outlets and pay attention to the ease of installation.

Choking Hazards

Babies, toddlers and preschoolers all can suffer from choking injuries. Keep small objects out of the way of all children of those ages and make sure older kids pick up their toys after playing with a toy so that the small objects in games and other toys don’t get picked up by a smaller child.

You must still watch your child carefully, no matter how childproofed your home is. Teach your child what not to get into so that they learn how to behave in the home.


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