How to Buy the Perfect Child Proof Gates for Your Home

In order to buy child proof gates that will work and are safe there are a few things every adult must do. The first thing is to measure not once but two or three times. Measure the inside opening of the door where you are planning to install the gates.

If you are using an installed gate make sure that the wood is secure enough to hold the gate and that you are not installing it into drywall unless you use specific screws. If you are looking for childproofing gates to secure stairways make sure that they are installed gates and not simple pressure mounted ones. Especially for the top.

Essential Design Features to look For in Child Proof Gates

Years ago, child safety gates were not upheld to many standards. Today’s gates are! This is why buying new gates is probably best. But in any gate you use, whether it is plain and simple or decorative you should look for certain things. The first is to make sure it is user friendly for you so you won’t be tempted to leave it open.

The next thing is to make sure that there aren’t any horizontal slats or hinges that can be used for climbing. Yes, your child will try to climb it. The best kinds have self closing and locking mechanisms which will ensure you never forget to lock it. The last thing to look for is a seal of approval from the Junior Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). This will mean that your gate has been tested and passed optional safety studies.

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