How to Child Proof Your Bathroom in 3 Easy Steps

The bathroom is wet, slippery and has tons of dangerous items your child will find fascinating. The first thing you should do is purchase a toilet lid lock to keep your little splasher out of the water and remove a big drowning hazard. Next, make sure that you water heater is set at or below 120 degrees to prevent scald burns.

Cushion the faucets in the bath tub and install non-stick adhesives to the floor to prevent falls. If you use carpets or throw rugs make sure that they have non slip backings t prevent hard falls which can be serious!

Proven Strategies on How to Child Proof Your Bathroom!

If you are wondering how to succeed in child proofing, the first rule of thumb is to think of everything and research until you come across the information you didn’t know. Razors, soaps, shampoo, deodorants, toothpaste, vitamins, medicines, bleach and other toxic or harmful things lurk in every corner of the average bathroom.

Make sure that you don’t leave these items in the tub or under the sink where your child can get to them. Even a vitamin can be toxic to a young child! Most parents think the germs in the bathroom are the biggest concern; but the truth is a shaver left behind can cause much more harm! Be thorough and think of the worst case scenario!

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