How to Quickly Child Proof Your Pool Area

If you have a pool you must think quickly and act fast to child proof your pool. Pools are fun, relaxing and extremely dangerous. The good part is that there are a plethora of products available to parents that can have their pool safe and secure in no time. Use alarms for all exit doors and make sure that you have a secure barrier fence around the perimeter of your pool.

The gates to the pool area should have special self closing latch locks on them as well. Be always on the guard for your children and others who might wander near the pool and NEVER leave any swimmer unattended! Drowning is the #1 cause of death among young children!

Why You Must Get Alarms to Child Proof Your Pool

The most useful type of child proof item for a pool is alarms. You can purchase alarms that will alert you anytime a door leading to the pool is breached as well as alarms that toddlers can wear and will sound when they come anywhere near the pool edge. Using alarms that activate when the water is breached or the exterior gates are opened is another great way to remain safe.

The truth is when it comes to your pool; you can’t do enough. Children are naturally drawn to the pool and can fall in and drown in just 35 seconds. That is probably less time than it would take you to go from the upstairs to the downstairs of your home. But remember, in order for the alarms to work they must be armed at all times!

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