How to Tell if You Need Child Proofing Services

BY and large most people can child proof by themselves. Most of the installation requires little more than a hand drill, screwdriver and hammer. For some people though who are not handy or who are excessively worried about covering all the basics, child proofing services can help!

Just be sure that before you decide upon one you research them completely and ask for a customer reference! Most child proofing companies do not have to be bonded since they act as consultants!

What to Expect from Child Proofing Services

The first thing you should get is a detailed consultation. This will include a complete walk through of your, measuring door ways, entrances, stairs, rooms etc and recommendations for products. They should be able to explain what and why the things they see are hazards and give you multiple options. All of this should be put on paper. A good service will take some family history and familiarize themselves with you and your family (including pets) so that they can make great decisions on your needs.

If they don?t, proceed with caution. Then you should receive an estimate that is itemized. This way you can have the final say on what they do or don?t do and if there are some things you can do cheaper alone ? you will have the luxury to take it off the bill! You might find after your consult that their services are not needed; but make sure you child proof regardless of who does it!


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