How to Test the Child Proof Factor of Your Home

Wouldn’t it be great to unleash ten children in your home and have them test every nook and cranny to see if it were safe! Since that is not an option and in this environment learning by experience is not a good idea; you need to test the child proof factor of your home by holding it to some high standards.

Research information on child safety and the top 10 dangers in the home and chances are you will find that you forgot one essential tool of childproofing. Many parents have a bathroom that is as secure as San Quentin but forget to set their water heater and their child ends up in the hospital with scald burns. Others may have every medication in the house secure but forget to put up their child’s candy like daily vitamin which in excess can be toxic!

The Child Proof of Your Home Should Extend Beyond the Walls

If you think you have thought of everything, think again. Chances are if you take n hour to read a child proofing manual a ton of facts and research will be revealed that will show you there is always something you have forgotten. One thing many people overlook is their purse or someone else! How many times have you seen a fussy baby get handed a purse to occupy themselves.

Older children love to play in purses. Think about all the things that can lurk in a purse from pills, to pins, needles, cigarettes, coins, band-aids, and even hand guns! Choking hazards and beyond lurk secretly in the little bags we carry around with us ever day. Do your research and be wise making safety at the forefront of your mind at all times.

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