Is it Really Necessary To Child Proof Your Computer?

There are many reasons that you may want a child proof computer. First of all, children can mess up a lot of things by pressing buttons and clicking on things. Another reason is that older children who can read can get into a lot of trouble on the internet, reading emails or in areas otherwise that are none of their business. Many parents don’t know how to go about child proofing their computer; so here are a few ideas.

Two Easy Steps to a Child Poof Computer

One easy idea to keep your computer area safe is to use a closet type office or cabinet with doors. This way, when not in use the important hardware cannot be touched. A child proof lock on the door will ensure that curious crawlers don’t climb up in your chair and try to stuff strawberries in the printer or hard drive.

For older children where the concern is what they are doing on the computer; purchasing some software that restricts usage of sites that are rated inappropriate for children and changing the settings on your computer so that children can’t access sites or social networks can do the trick. Children truly need to be supervised while on the computer and making it impossible to delete browsing history can be a great way to see what they have been doing.

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