Is There Such a Thing as A Child Proof Door?

It happens every day; you walk into the kitchen to get your preschooler a cup of juice and next thing you know they are flushing their clothes down the toilet. If only parents could make sure that all the doors in their home were properly secure! The truth is that you can!

You can child proof a door by installing knob covers, high latching locks and other products specifically designed for ALL the doors in your home. This also includes alarms for doors that lead to the exterior or pool areas as well as locks and latches for pantry and garage doors. Each year thousands of children get hurt because parents fail to child proof door areas in their home!

The One Mistake Good Parents Make When Using a Child Proof Door

Just because the door is secure, locked and there is no way that you child can get into a room, doesn’t mean you have through of everything. The little door stops that are most often installed to keep the door from making holes in the wall are one of the biggest choking hazards to children. Children love to play with them but unfortunately the little white rubber covers often pop off. Remove them or replace them with door stops that are child proof!

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