Key Principles to a Child Proof Home!

When you have kids a child proof home can provide a calm, relaxing and fun environment. But it can be hard to think of everything. Essentially, you need to focus on things that are sharp, hot, poisonous and dangerous. Electrical outlets and cords, hot water and hot pots and pans in the kitchen are big childhood hazards. Child proof those areas first. Then move onto all the things at your child’s level that are sharp. Countertops and book shelves have sharp corners.

Use bumpers to protect your child’s head. Walk around on your hands and knees at their level and you will find tons of things you may not have thought of. Poisons lurk everywhere from the medicine cabinet to the cleaning closet. Lock them all up. Best bet is to put them up high and out of sight as to not take a chance. Remember that purses….house all sorts of toxic materials from cigarettes to pills!

What it Takes to Have a Child Proof Home is Good Sense!

Things that are dangerous in your home are often everyday items. Windows, entertainment centers and the stove can provide a climbing experience for your child. Secure them to the wall and make sure that TV’s and other entertainment devices can’t pinch little fingers!

If something seems unsteady to you; chances are your child can be dangerously hurt by it and you need to take action. As you childproof your home from the inside you can slowly work your way to the outdoors as well.

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