Key Principles to a Child Proofed Home

Is there really such a thing as a child proofed life? Most experts would say absolutely not. Parents have the utmost responsibility to remain constantly aware of their child’s surroundings and to ensure their safety at all costs.

This all starts in the home and is punctuated with adult supervision at all times. From the time you bring your infant home, till they are out driving- safety is something that must be learned from the parents! This will produce careful, cautious adults. So what is the best way to go about doing that?

What the Experts Say About Being Child Proofed!

Experts agree that it is important to talk to kids, even very young kids about the implications of safety. If this is done in a manner that is appropriate for their age level and communicated through experience; children begin to recognize boundaries and limits in their life.

The benefit to speaking to young children about safety and explaining WHY things are dangerous is to give them confidence. By explaining things and showing them why you have the safety gate, toilet lock or outlet covers; you are allowing children to know that they have some control about whether or not they get hurt! This has a deep psychological affect on children. Security in their home and surroundings is a fundamental building block of self esteem and growth. So never be afraid to be child proofed! You are doing much more than just locking up cleaning agents.


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