Key Principles to Child Proofing You Should Know

The best rule of thumb to follow when child proofing your home is when in doubt; lock them out! This means that any cabinet, drawer, room, cupboard or cabinet that holds cleaning supplies, sharp objects or anything that can be dangerous to a child should be locked. It is easy to find locks for everything in your home from door knobs t gun cabinets.

Most of them are easily manipulated by adults but make entry for a child too difficult. Since you don’t have eyes in the back of your head and there is a good chance your child will be alone in a room for minutes at a time; take no chances and lock everything up!

Child Proofing is Designed to Ensure Safety; not Provide Constraint

Even if your house is fully locked up, your child proofing will only be as good as the parents who enforce it. An important part of childproofing is to instill rules and limits with a child. From an early age use simple words like hot, NO or yucky to warn your child about dangers.

They will soon realize that there are certain things that are not meant for them in the house. Even with the cleaning closet locked up there is still a chance that a bottle of Pine Sol may be left out while you are cleaning! Children should also be taught safety alongside your child proofing measures.

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