Kitchen Childproofing for Toddlers

Kitchen Childproofing for Toddlers When children become toddlers, they add height to their reach and gain speed because they are upright and walking more. This is the time to really rethink the way you have your kitchen and the rest of your home childproofed.

The kitchen is filled with hazardous substances and areas where baby can get hurt. Before that happens, you need to rethink how your kitchen is organized so that you can keep your child safe when in the kitchen. We should take a look at many of the best choices out there for childproofing your kitchen.

Your stove is a big hazard for your toddler. Keep a stove that is high enough so that the toddler can’t get his hands up there. Turn the pot handles inward when cooking so that the baby cannot reach up and grab a hot handle. In fact, it pays to keep the child away from the stove when you are cooking anything as things can become boiled over and can injure your toddler.

Use the back burners whenever you can when you are using the stove top. Put child safety locks or latches on the knobs of the stove so the baby cannot turn the knobs and turn on the oven or stove. Get a latch or locks so the baby cannot open the oven door. Open ovens that are turned on can release noxious gases into the house and can be dangerous.

Keep forks, knives, cleavers and other sharp items away from baby by putting them in latched drawers. Never leave them out so baby can get to them. Always keep them inside locked drawers when not in immediate use. Keep the key to the drawer away from baby’s reach. Put safety locks in before your child is old enough to get to them and not after something bad happens. Make certain to keep poisons, cleaners, and detergents away from the reach of your child. Place the garbage behind a locked cabinet or put it in the garage so the baby cannot get into it and dig out something dangerous.

Make sure you use approved safety latches on drawers and cabinets so that the baby cannot open these items more than an inch or two. You’ll need to lock those cabinets if the baby is older because he or she can get past the latches and it won’t be safe then.

Keep toasters and electric appliances toward the back of the cabinet and out of baby’s reach. Make sure the cords are bundled up so they don’t dangle and hurt the baby. His is especially true when the appliance is hot and in use at the time.

When your child becomes taller and walks around, you really need to rethink your baby proofing and childproofing strategies. If a child can get into a hazardous item or place, use a lock or a latch to keep them out before something bad happens.


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