Learn How the Experts Go About Child Proofing a Door

Child proofing a door should be be difficult. Children are always curious about what is behind it. The good news is that with today’s modern safety products you can take the pinch, slams and doorways to a dangerous world completely out of the equation. Here is how!

Keys to Child Proofing a Door in Your Home!

The first thing you need to do is decide the best way to child proof the door. If it is a bathroom or pantry door that you will need to gain entry to during the day; it is probably best to use one of the handy door knob covers. These child proofing devices require an adult hand to manipulate the knob.

If you have fancier knobs you can get door child safety locks specifically designed for the kind you have. If the door you are trying to restrict access to leads to a place that you don’t need to get into regularly; perhaps a lock, installed high on the outside will do the trick. For doors that you absolutely do not want any one to enter or exit without your knowledge (like to a pool) installing an alarm can be beneficial. This way the alarm will sound as soon as the door is unlocked! Remember to never install locks that will accidentally lock a child in a room as this can be dangerous.


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