Proven Strategies to Child Proofing Your Home!

Don’t be fooled! You do not need to hire a professional to make your house a safe haven for your kids! The truth is that with a little know how and the right products you can do it all yourself; saving tons of money in the process. The first step is to figure out what you need and accurately measure the rooms in your home so you will be armed with figures to help you choose the perfect item.

Obviously, the easy things are electrical covers, cords, hot spots and water hazards. But there are a lot of in between details that you will need to know. For instance, did you realize that tablecloths can cause serious injuries to a toddler? It’s true; toddlers pulling them off the kitchen table will also pull whatever is on the table down as well. This could be a hot casserole, candle or heavy glass dish.

The One Element Child Proofing Your Home Cannot Fix!

Even with the latest and greatest gadgets securing every little door in your home there is one thing that no child should EVER go without. Constant, competent supervision! The only person who can really decide what is safe and what is not is an adult.

It takes less than a minute for a child to place a marble in their mouth that the vacuum cleaner missed! No matter how safe you feel about your childproofing gates and cabinet locks; remember that eventually a children will try and break through it! The only way to stop it is by keeping a watchful eye. If you must leave children for a minute or two (never around water) use a portable baby monitor so you will know what is going on.

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