Simple Tips for Child Proofing Your Home

It can be tough to be a first time parent. Having a child can be so joyful, yet the responsibilities are steep and you must keep your child safe whenever possible. There are tons of things you can accomplish in order to childproof your home to keep your baby safe from harm.

It’s nice to ease your mind around baby safety as well. There are a lot of choices of things for you to do or buy that can enhance baby safety without having things be so restrictive for baby that they can’t get around. Pay attention especially to small objects, such as those objects that can fit in a tube of toilet paper. If it fits, it’s too small for baby and they can choke on it.

Babies and toddlers put everything into their mouths and use their mouth for exploration of items. Get down to baby’s height and look for choking hazards. Things as simple as rubber balloons can be hazardous because they can break and can be swallowed, blocking off the airway of the baby. Try Mylar balloons instead.

Make sure you use baby safety gates for staircases (on the top and bottom) and on the rooms you don’t want baby to go in. This can be the bathroom, an office or even the nursery. Use the safety belts provided on infant seats, changing tables and high chairs as these will protect baby from falls.

Don’t leave a baby or small child unattended on a bed or a changing table. Toxic plants can be in your home so you should keep plants up and out of the way. Call poison control or the extension office for advice on poisonous plants. Keep all cleaners, poisons and medications high above baby’s reach and locked up whenever possible.

Never put the crib near windows, blinds or curtains. Keep the crib away from electrical outlets, too. When bathing a child, keep a hand on him or her at all times. Know that babies can drown in things like pools, toilet bowls, buckets and bathtubs. It only takes two inches of water to drown a child. Use a toilet lock on your toilets at home so that baby cannot get his hands and head into the toilet. Fence up your pool at all times.

You should know that more than two million kids are injured at home each year. This is why childproofing as soon as the baby comes home is a good idea so that the home is perfectly childproofed when the baby begins rolling over and scooting around. Always supervise your child, no matter how well you have childproofed your home.


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