The Baby Safety Products Guide for Smart Parents

Once parents learn that baby is on the way, their entire mind set changes. It is natural to want to protect and always ensure that your baby is safe. Unfortunately statistics show that baby’s are more prone to be injured or killed in their own home than anywhere else. Luckily, baby safety products have been invented to help parents with baby proofing and keeping their children safe. Although never a sure thing, they can make parenting a wild and crazy baby and toddler a bit easier! The trick is knowing which ones are important!

You might be shopping in the baby safety aisle or online and wondering which child safety products you should have right now. Although all of them can help, budgets can sometimes inhibit what we buy. A few items are absolutely important especially in the beginning. To get started with your baby safety enforcement you should include the following in your shopping cart!

Three Baby Safety Products that Can Make Parenting Easier

Baby Safety Monitor

The first product that new parents will want to get is a baby monitor. This helps you to keep and ear and sometimes an eye on your baby while they are sleeping and in their room. There are many different kinds and you don’t have to buy the state of the art model. One thing a baby monitor can do is allow you to take a shower or do dishes while your baby is napping without being constantly worrying. Nothing is better than physical supervision but a baby safety monitor can be just the things to give you a little bit of freedom. Some have video and sound monitoring while others just alert you to sounds. Inspect them thoroughly and try to find products that have great customer reviews!

Baby Safety Gates

Another baby safety product that is a life saver to parents is baby safety gates. There are many different kinds and you will certainly be able to find one that is right for you. They can be used to block off stairwells, quarantine your baby in one room and keep them out of dangerous places like the kitchen, bathroom or garage. You can buy spring tension, mounted and free standing gates! Every car should be equipped with a spring tension gate that can be taken along for visits to friends or families just in case there home is not a safe haven! You should avoid any gates that have horizontal foot holds; mesh or decorative diamond shapes in the framing as these can pose more threat to your baby. Also, never install a spring tension gate at the top of stairs. They tend to not be as strong!

Crib Safety

The third essential childproofing baby item that you want to ensure is safe is your crib. It can be tempting to accept the family heirloom but understand that safety guidelines have changed quite a bit in recent years. The slats should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart and the mattress should fit tightly in the frame. Make no exceptions. Check for peeling or chipped paint and ensure that when you put it together you are using factory made parts. The crib should be checked periodically for wear and tear and the loosening of screws. Your other job is to keep a close eye on your baby and move the mattress down according to their abilities. Once they can pull up, the mattress and sides should be at their highest level!

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