The Easy Rules You Must Follow When Child Proofing Your Child’s Room

Every parent wants their child to have a fantastic room. Unfortunately, many of the things that we put in our children’s room can be hazardous. Placing a bed next to a window, using a hand me down crib and mini-blinds and drapery cords are just some of the things that cause thousands of injuries (even death) for school age children each year.

As your children get older, it only makes sense that they will spend more time in their room unattended; which means you have to be even more careful than ever to make sure their room is safe and secure. Make sure that your child’s room is inspected often for sharp objects, broken toys, choking hazards and other miscellaneous things that cause injury.

The Top 3 Things to Consider When Child Proofing Your Home

Obviously, you want to consider your child’s age. For very young children; just about anything is dangerous. For older children it is often the toys they play with and some adult items that like knives, pots, pans or hot water that cause injury. To be sure consider age first and then consider how well they can follow rules.

The third thing to consider when childproofing your home is how well your product will hold up to your children’s use. As far as safety is concerned; it only makes sense to reassess your measures every few months.

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