The First Step in Child Proofing Your Bath Room: Baby Safety Bath

Washing a squirming, wiggly and soapy baby can be difficult even in the beginning. Using a baby safety bath in the bath tub can take your child proofing efforts even further and prevent injury. Every mom has at one point or another lost hold of their baby and they have been submerged for a millisecond. Although a dangerous situation was avoided, the baths made for babies are specifically designed to make bath time easier for you and safer for your baby.

The Dangers of Using a Baby Safety Bath That Suctions

As your baby grows and begins to sit up they will love the tub! Most parents use sitting rings or some sort of supportive chair for the bath tub. A lot of them simply suction to the bottom of the tub and give parents a false sense of security. Even great and attentive mothers walk out of the bathroom for a second to grab the phone or see about another child thinking nothing can happen! These baths are notorious for tipping and when they do they often entrap your baby under water. These tubs are really only meat to prop your baby up so they can enjoy some freedom in the water. It is important to use other child proofing methods in the tub like cushioning the faucets and ensuring the water heater is set to an acceptable temperature. Another hint is to use non-slip and absorbent rugs on the floor to prevent falls while moving around in the bathroom. Remember that razors and even soap left on the side of the tub can easily injure your child!


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