The Real Reasons to Consider Child Safety Proofing in Your Home

For every parent that goes overboard with their child safety proofing; there is a whole other set of parents who think child proofing is overrated. The facts clearly state that more children are injured, seriously and otherwise (often fatally) in their own homes more than in any other environment.

Don’t be over confident in your supervision skills! Children are clever and the best way to keep kids safe is to make their home a safe place to live and play!

How You Can Child Safety Proof With Ease!

Even if you don’t want to invest a lot of money in proofing your home; you should definitely cover the basics. Electrical outlets, safety gates on stairs and ensuring that everyday items like cribs, beds, toys and the car seat are approved for use and not recalled is a big step in the right direction.

Removing choking hazards throughout the home and especially keeping water hazards and poisons (cleaning products, cosmetics) where your child can’t reach them can prevent the number one causes of death before the age of 5! Taking steps to implement simple safety measures is fast, easy and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Spending one day or one long weekend looking for potential dangers and fixing them before your child finds them is all it takes to keep a child safe at home.

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