The Top 3 Reasons You Should be Child Proofing Your Home Today

If you think you don’t have time to spend child proofing your home; think again. You can’t afford not to. Fact is that proper child proofing can actually save you time, reduce stress and make your home environment more conducive to raising children; let alone easier for the parents.

If you have put it off, look at these figures! More children are injured or killed in the home than in any other environment. Some fatally. A $5.00 set of cabinet locks could have prevented 468 poisoning deaths in the past year just in the United States.

Child Proofing the Home Can Prevent the #1 & 2 Causes of Childhood Death!

Every parent thinks “it won’t happen to me” or “my child wouldn’t do that.” WRONG! If every home had working smoke and fire detectors we could prevent more deaths than what is attributed to vaccinations. Many homes have them; but greater than 50% of these homes do not have working detectors.

Drowning also takes more lives of children in this world than any other accident. Drowning can happen in a toilet, a half full bucket of water, a pool, bathtub and in anything that provides an inch of water. Worst thing is that children each year drown from falling head first into every body of water from a pool to a leftover mopping bucket. Supervision is important, and when water is any where around it can be the only thing that will save your child’s life!

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