The Tricks & Tips to Child Proofing a Car

Driving in a car is perhaps one of the most dangerous things your child will do. In the event of an accident, proper car seat safety is pivotal to their safety and their life. The truth is that many parents do it the wrong way putting their child in danger. First, always make sure a child rides in the back seat of the car.

This is especially important if you have air bags. The next thing is to make sure they are riding in a seat that is approved their age, height and weight. The wrong seat can do more damage than good. It might be wise to check out your state’s website to see what the law requires!

Child Proofing the Car Is Much More Than Just a Car Seat!

Another important consideration for car safety is to implement rules. Do not allow children to unbuckle when they are close to home (this is where most accidents happen) and make sure children never share a seat belt with a friend.

Rules in the car should mean that the driver is left to pay attention to the road and not forced to mediate arguments or hand out food and drinks. Buying an inexpensive rear view mirror will let you see the back seat without having to turn around. Car seats and seat belts should be worn by everyone (including adults) and no exceptions should be made.

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