To Child Proof or Not? The Answer Must Be YES

Even if your child is no longer a baby, you must take the time to child proof your home. Older children may understand limits; but they are also curious and have more motor skills that enable them to bust through child proofing measures.

A 5 year old can drown, fall down steps, be electrocuted, pinch their fingers in a door, fall out a window and be crushed from climbing an entertainment center more quickly and more likely than a 1 year old. Luckily, there is a child proof item for each of these calamities.

How to Child Proof for the Older Kids in Your Home

As your kids become mobile and more active, you need to child proof with more secure items. Using L-Brackets to secure heavy furniture and even the stove to the wall can be a life saver. Make sure that furniture is not placed by windows and never rely on screens alone to prevent a fall from a window.

Window guards keep people out and in! Older kids are also able to practice fire safety plans and can be taught what to do in an emergency. Never trust children top plug things in and don’t leave electrical cords lying around! Each year older children put them in their mouth and are electrocuted! Now that your kids are older, implement consequences and ensure that the products you use are sturdy and can withstand the force of an older child!

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