Tricks to Child Proofing for Homes with Pets

You love your pets, but once kids are around ? the pets can cause some safety issues. Parents need to make sure that water dishes are put up after use so no standing water is left lying around. Same is true with food dishes! Another thing they need to make sure of is that littler boxes or doggy doors are secure so that a child does not get into either of them.

Many children have got out of their house through a doggy door. If you have pets in the home another risk to children is being jumped upon or having safety gates knocked loose. One child proofing trick is to use installed safety gates as barriers for the pets so they can see the family without being ?part? of it!

How & Why Child Proofing with Pets is a Bit More Tedious!

Obviously you have to remain aware that kids and pets do not always mix. Cat scratches and bites from even the most docile family pet happen every day. For the most part they can be avoided by constantly supervising kids and pets and by separating them during sleeping times and other times when parental supervision is not 100%. It only takes one pulled tail for a child to be scarred by a dog. Remember that kittens are also prone to ?cat scratch fever? which is a real illness that can make young children very ill.


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