Ways to Use the Child Proof Gates in your Home!

Child proof gates can be a lifesaver. They can be used to keep young children in an enclosed area, protect them from stairs and keep them out of the kitchen, garage, cleaning pantry and bathroom. But, you have to use and install them properly or they will cause more harm than good!

For instance, at the top of stairs you MUST use an installed hinge type of gate with no horizontal slats. A pressure mounted gate can easily be pushed with force and can catapult a child down the stairs. Also, make sure it is easy to open (one hand operation) so that YOU won’t be tempted to step over it possibly injuring yourself!

Discover the One Child Proof Gate No Parent Can Go Without

As you shop for childproofing gates for your home, make sure that you invest in at least one pressure mounted gate! Stick it in the trunk of your car and you will have a priceless safety measure at your fingertips no matter where you go. You can use it on playgrounds, at a friend’s house and it won’t leave any holes in the walls.

This is on take along item that won’t fit in your diaper bag; but should not be overlooked when trying to remain prepared for anything! The best part is that they are inexpensive and when used properly with supervision is a great way to keep your child close to you!

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