What You Need to Know About a Child Proof House!

In your mind, what is a child proof house? The answer quite simply is one that is safe where adults have taken all the necessary means to make sure their child does not get into any trouble. Each room of your home requires different things in order to remain safe for a child of all ages.

The best way to get started is to take one room at a time and follow a checklist to see where your safety methods are lacking. A quick stop at a local store or browsing online can give you access to the products you need and the proper way to use them. Information is always the best remedy!

The One Thing a Truly Child Proof House Will NOT be Missing!

You have outlet covers and cabinet locks. Your crib, stroller and swing set meet high standards for safety. You make your child wear a seatbelt at all times and your water heater is set low. You have protective stove covers in front of the burners, your entertainment center is latched to the wall and there isn’t a mini blind or drapery that has a cord in tact.

You are seemingly prepared for everything! But, do you have a working smoke alarm and fire detector on every floor of the home? What about a fire plan? Are your alarms near all sleeping rooms in the house? Last but not least, do you have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen? Fire is deadly and dangerous with the opportunity to destroy everything you have worked for. Your house is not child proofed without any one of these items.

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