What You Need to Know About the Essentials to Child Proofing

The essentials to child proofing is not brain surgery. Often it is about using common sense. Often the most dangerous things n the home are lurking behind closed doors; meaning in your cabinets and drawers. A child will easily mistake a colorful bottle of cleaning liquid for something to drink. Lock up everything. This includes medications that are prescribed or otherwise.

By locking cabinets and removing items from possible reach; children will not have access to them. Beyond that, you will no doubt find that each day offers a new child proofing challenge. Just remain patient and you will find a solution for them all.

One Essential to Child Proofing There is No Remedy For!

One of the most difficult things to understand as a parent is why your child puts the things in their mouth that they do. Not only do they contain germs, but some of them are gross and fuzzy! This leads to a lot of choking hazards. Never depend on your vacuum to get everything off the floor!

All parents should be properly certified and comfortable with CPR and the Heimlich maneuver! This is one short and often free class that can save your child’s life. No matter what you do in the home; preparedness is fundamental.

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