Why you’ve Got to Have a Child Proof Cabinet for Your Guns

A child proof cabinet ensures more than the fact that you child won’t get into trouble. In many cases, it can save their life! It is a fact that millions of homes are armed with guns and accidental shooting happen every day. Even if your children KNOW to stay away, it is an adult’s responsibility to have a secure child proof cabinet to keep firearms.

Chances are visitors to your home or your children’s friends may be curious about the guns and can accidentally discharge a weapon killing themselves or your child. Take no chances! You might want to use a heavy duty lock and key method rather than the locks sold for childproofing for this cabinet.

Simple Ways to Child Proof Cabinets in Your Home

Now that the gun cabinet is secure it is time to secure the other cabinets in your home. Locks are available in every style and color imaginable. They can be installed on the inside of the outside of the door. They can be permanently adhered using hardware or stuck on with glue (permanent ones are best). Remember though that these locks are more of a deterrent.

As time goes on many children figure them out. Leaving one cabinet open and available to a child (perhaps with plastic ware) may be one way of alleviating curiosity and keeping them busy with a ‘secret’ area to play.

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