Why You Should Install Child Proof Windows

Each year thousands of children fall out of windows. Why? Because they climb up to see a friend or dog that is outside and accidentally push through the screen and fall. In order to child proof windows you can do many things. One option is to install window locks that only allow the window to open part way.

Normally the opening is small enough that a child cannot fit through. Another option is to install window guards on the outsides of the windows. These keep people in and out!

The Mistakes Many Parents Make With Child Proof Windows!

Many parents inadvertently make falling out of a window easier for their child. By placing the back of a couch, bed, table or bookcase close to windows you are offering children a leg up so to speak. Using window guards or window locks is a great idea; but keep in mind that glass and storms make windows dangerous to be near for every child at any age.

Window dressings are also known to cause injury and strangulation death to children. Use cord clasps to hold back the cords or string from curtains and mini blinds! It is always better to be safe than sorry and just when you think your child won’t do something; they do!

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