Why You Shouldn’t Use a Child Proof Door Knob on the Interior of the Door

A few months ago, parents in Chicago learned why a child proof door knob should not be installed on interior doors. They installed it quite simply to keep their 5 year old from leaving the bedroom at night and wandering around the home.

One night he actually left his room and the house. But recently when this family’s house caught on fire, the boy was trapped inside his room and could not get out. The family separated by the fire could not reach him. The good news is that a firefighter saved him, but he was seriously injured!

The Right Way to Use Child Proof Door Knobs

Using protective childproofing door knobs in your home can help. There are all sorts of knobs to choose from. Some have squishy covers that fit over the knob and make it very difficult for children (and some adults) to turn them. Others are installed and require certain pressure or a button to be pushed in order to open.

Chances are that doors in your home that lead to the garage, basement, cleaning closets, laundry rooms, pantries or other unsuitable areas for children can be easily blocked off by using child proof items. Use them wisely and make sure that the adults in your home know how to use them properly.

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