Are Window Child Locks Really Necessary In Your Home

Many parents never think about installing window child locks on the windows in their home. But there are thousands of incidents every year where children push through screens and fall one or two stories down to the ground.

This can be a fatal injury. Window safety locks insert into the tracks so that the windows cannot be opened past a certain point. This certain point will be too small for your child to fit into but will still allow you to get air should you decide to open your windows.

There are also window locks that fit on the outside of the home and cover the entire windows with decorative bars. One of the easiest ways to avoid this accident is to ensure that no furniture is every placed closed to windows.

One Word of Warning About Window Child Locks

Your family should have a fire escape plan in case they are trapped in their bedroom. You need to consider that there may come a time when a window escape may be necessary. Use window locks that you can easily dismantle in a hurry should the need arise.

Another thing to consider is that if you put window child proofing locks on just your child’s room, predators will know which room in the home has a child in it. Using window alarms is not the same as a lock, but it will notify you if any window in your home is opened immediately.

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