Basic Child Door Locks Advice

There have been many parents who have locked their children in their room using door child safety locks While this may have a purpose to keep a baby who can get out of bed from wandering around the home, it is not advised.

When a door is locked from the inside, your child loses access to being able to get out of their room should the need arrive. It may seem unlikely that your house will be on fire or something will happen, but a child’s bedroom door should never be locked. You can lock up the cabinets or the closet, but not the door.

Child Door Locks in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a dangerous and slippery place no matter how you look at it! One really easy way to make sure that kids don’t wander and play in the bathroom is to put a child door lock on the door knob or handle. This way you can keep the door closed when not in use and the adults will be able to get in easily.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a door knob or the pull down handles, as there are many different types of child proofing safety locks to choose from. Door locks used in the right places can make life with toddlers much easier and enable you to worry less.

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