Child Cabinet Safety Locks You Can Use While Traveling

With the holidays rapidly approaching many families will be traveling. This can cause worry or concern especially for parents who have mobile children who seem in to everything.

It is unreasonable to expect relatives or friends to completely baby proof their home just because you are coming for the weekend. Use duct tape or pipe cleaners to temporarily close off cabinets, doors, windows or anything else around their home that may be dangerous. Keep a spring tension gate in the trunk and you will be able to instantly child proof anyone’s home without having to purchase equipment or put holes in their cabinets.

Is Using Child Cabinet Safety Locks Really Necessary

There are a host of parents who never put locks on their cabinets and their children turn out just fine. They respond well to being told no and they may have want their entire childrearing years without a hitch. Consider that it takes just one time for something to turn fatal.

Children are unpredictable and in the blink of an eye, they can swallow a cleaning supply, get hold of a knife or drop a heavy ceramic or glass dish on their toe causing a serious injury. While it may never come up and certainly we hope it doesn’t, it is worth considering if not installing these super easy fixes is really saving anything.

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