How to Choose the Perfect Child Cupboard Locks for your Home

If you are redesigning a new kitchen or having a home built, you can purchase cupboard doors that are automatically child proofed! This is a wonderful thing but few of us have this opportunity.

Chances are you worry that installing extra hardware will ruin your wood or damage your cabinets. You can choose safety locks that are installed both inside or outside of your cabinets. Make sure the swivel cabinet is locked for sure because this one causes the most pinched fingers.

If you don’t want to install any types of screws or nails, then use the kind that stick on. They are not quite as sturdy, but are made to stand the test of time. Perhaps the best types of cabinet’s locks are ones that install from the inside of the cabinet and require two adult hands to open. This way they wont be seen and wont hurt the look of your cabinets, but they also will be very difficult for a child to ever open. They can be installed in just a few hours and take little more than a drill or screwdriver to put into place! If you have nice cabinets in your home, choosing this kind and realizing that it will not inhibit the beauty of your home makes them a perfect choice.

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