Close the Door! Child Locks That Work

There are places around your home that children really don’t need to be able to access. Doors that lead to basements or garages can be rigged with door child locks that will make it impossible (or at least extremely difficult) for children to wander into these places in your home unsupervised.

You have to have certain rooms that are off limits for children so that you can store your cleaning supplies, medications or even household tools and know that they won’t cause an injury. By using door safety locks to eliminate access you can free up the rest of your home and make it as no worry zone.

Door Child Locks that Work for Pets

If you have children and pets, you have probably found out that they don’t always go together. If it isn’t the other children waking up the napping baby, it is the dog running into the nursery and causing a scene. One way to lock doors is to either use door knob safety proofing covers or bolt type locks that go up high. If you want to be able to see into your child’s room but do not want other kids in the house to be able to get in and shake the crib, then installing a screen door may be the way to go. This will keep pets and small children out but will ensure you can hear and see everything that is going on. It also can make your small child less afraid when they wake up in their room alone.

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