Discover Which Types of Baby Locks You Really Need

While a large percentage of parents may have baby locks on ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ but forget one very important baby lock! A toilet seat lock is an easy to use and install lock that keeps your lid closed so that a baby or toddler cannot play in the toilet water.

There is much more to be worried about than them inadvertently flushing away car keys, as many kids drown in a toilet each year. Babies especially are prone to pulling up and leaning headfirst only to fall in and become silently trapped! A toilet child proofing lock will only cost about $10 and does not cause any permanent damage to the toilet.

How a Baby Lock Can Save Your Baby’s Life in Your Home!

The kitchen cabinets, garage doors, basement steps, bathroom and other places around the home are obviously not safe for baby. However, another child lock type you should think about is ones that go on your windows. Each year hundreds of babies, some that cannot walk, fall out of second story windows due to climbing up and pushing out the screen. They may simply be curious about a dog or squirrel running through the yard.

Window locks will make this an impossibility and keep people from coming into your windows when you are not home or at night. Just keeping furniture away from windows is not enough, you must also install window locks to make sure a serious accident doesn’t happen to you.


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