Does Your Car Have a Child Safety Lock? Warnings!

Child safety locks on cars a great tool. They ensure that the doors lock whenever the car is put into motion and are difficult for little people to open. The problem is that many kids each year get locked inside of cars and don’t know how to open them.

You should teach your child how to unlock car doors using the key or the buttons in your car and even a 2 year old is able to do this. While these locks have their definite purpose and use, they are not always a safety measure and can actually work in the opposite way.

Sliding Van Child Safety Locks on Doors

If you have a mini van than there is a pretty good chance the sliding doors have a child safety lock that is supposed to make the door from closing should a child be in the way. Most of the time, these work effortlessly! However, a great many children have been entrapped in van doors because these child safety locks did not work properly.

Some kids get their legs caught lower down near the belts or a shoe stuck and the door will continue to close. They often take a great deal of pressure to kick in the safety on them and parents need to remain always aware. Never let children play with the doors or the buttons and if possible, disengage this childproofing feature until children are much older.


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