How to Install Child Door Safety Locks in Your Home

Child door safety locks are really a cinch to install. The first thing you have to do is figure out which types of safety locks you want to use.

You can purchase some that fit the door knobs or pulls and handles on your doors or you can purchase some that can be installed on the trim and door sort of like a dead bolt. Using door knob covers that take extra pressure in order to open is probably the easiest way.

They simply slip over the knobs and there is nothing else that you have to do except get used to using them. If you have doors that open with handles that pull down the door knob covers will not work but you can purchase child safety locks that will slip over them so a child cannot pull them open.

Using Child Door Safety Locks on Closets & French Doors

If you have sliding doors you must use child safety stops to ensure that a child in your home does not get their fingers pinched, or leg caught in the sliding mechanism. This will also ensure that a child can’t push them open with force which risks breaking the glass.

If you have French doors, you can purchase small clips that fit over the handles so that a child cannot open them. If you can’t find them, using pipe cleaners or hair bands to hold the handles together will work just as well. This is a great way to modify doors while you are on the go.

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