How to Install Child Proof Locks That Wont Drive Parents Crazy

There are plenty of parents who start out with best intention of locking up every corner and cubby in the home with childproof locks and then get so annoyed that they can’t get into their own cupboards that they quickly dismantle them.

This is where shopping around can come in handy. If you consider the types of locks, you need and whether or not you want them permanently or temporarily installed you will save yourself a lot of trouble down the road. Child proof locks are often difficult for parents to open, and visiting a home improvement store will enable you to test them before you buy!

Child Proof Locks Does Not Make-Up for Lack of Supervision

Keep in mind that just because all of the danger zones are locked up, your toddler will eventually be able to break into them. Kids are tenacious and curious and after a few years they will somehow figure out how to open the. Even if you have child proof locks throughout your home it is best to put things that you don’t your child to play with up high and out of sight. This will curb curiosity and ensure that you have a backup plan in place should you need it.

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