How to Take Baby Safety Locks on the Go

So many of us struggle to leave our safe and secure homes because we worry about all the trouble that our baby will get into. There is some pretty easy solution that will make you feel comfortable traveling anywhere with your child and they are inexpensive and most importantly, effective!

Duct tape! Just like with child safety locks Duct tape can be used to secure doors on cabinets or even doors that lead to balconies or bathrooms and it won’t ruin the walls afterwards. If you are planning a trip to a relative’s house, taking along duct tape is a good way top make sure that you have a quick and temporary fix to locking up doors or anything else that baby might get into.

Is Duct Tape Effective as a Temporary Baby Safety Locks?

YES! Duct tape really does work. There have been many families who have taken duct tape to a hotel room and effectively locked their baby out of the bathroom, the balcony, from the TV and VCR cabinet as well as the dresser drawers. You can also use duct tape in the home to keep doors closed temporarily or place it over electrical outlets to keep children from sticking things in. This is a wondrous way to take child proofing on the road with you no matter where you travel. Don’t leave home without it!

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